Great Customer Feedback

Dear Jigalots

Thank you so much for playing at our event today. The dance instruction and the music was top notch. We could not have asked for anything better – you made the end of our day a real celebration and everyone who came said how much they enjoyed it.

Many, many Thanks,

Rachael and RASASC Guildford



I just wanted to wholeheartedly thank you, on behalf of 10 Training Battalion and Bordon Garrison Officers’ Mess, for helping to make our Burn’s Night a most enjoyable occasion last Saturday. Your music was excellent and Steve was engaging and called the reeling perfectly, tempering the frequency of dances to suit the audience and judging the atmosphere accordingly. It was my (and many others’) first go at reeling; I can confidently say a superb time was had by all! I have made a note of the Jigalots and will make a strong recommendation of you to the organiser of our next Burn’s Night. We will square away some rooms for you all to stay the night next year and enable you to enjoy the evening as much as we did! Thanks once again.


Dear Jigalots,
Absolutely great and memorable music at Meltdown last night. I had to sit out quite a few dances on account of being a bit lame and anno domini generally. Normally this would be frustrating but sitting and listening to Jigalots, while not as good as dancing, is a fun experience in itself. Sitting out and listening to some bands can be deadly.
My ambition: to be able to sing Lillibulero and dance at the same time. But I can’t even sing it without getting in a tangle, so a long way to go on that one. ‘There was an old farmer in Sussex did dwell. . .’
Best wishes,
Roger James